Endstops and steppers not working.

  • I need some help please.

    I have just completely rebuilt my CR-10 and changed board for the latest Duet 2 wifi board with 1.21 firmware as it came delivered.
    Connected to wifi no problem. Used Reprap firmware configurator (both the new and old one) to compile custom firware. Uploaded no problem. BL Touch probe work ok in that it goes through it self test. Cannot try it as as probe yet due to steppers not working.
    Hot end heats up ok as well. Fans fine. I cannot get the steppers to move at all and I have no endstops working. No endstop lights on board. Endstops are NC. when I select any axis to move it just groans for a split second but does not move although it is locked. I have double checked the connectors are correct and made sure steppers are wired correctly.
    I used another duet board on my Delta 6 months ago and had no problems in getting it going so I am lost as to whats going on with this one.
    Anyone got any ideas please?

  • Ok. Fixed it. A case of "Rodney you plonker".
    Despite checking it numerous times I had wired it up wrong. Think I must be colour blind.
    Works fine now.

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