Bed Leveling Outside the Mesh Area?

  • Using G29 Mesh Bed Compensation

    I have my IR probe 40 mm away from the nozzle (due to lack of space around the nozzle). It is therefore impossible to probe the whole bed since the axis ends when the nozzle is at the edge of the bed. I have tweaked the mesh area so probing is done as close to the edge as possible.

    How is the bed leveling calculated outside the mesh area?

    I think it looks like the firmwaer works under the assumption that the bed is completely leveled outside the the mesh and not continuing in the angle directed of the points inside the mesh.

    Right or wrong?

  • My understanding is that the firmware will interpolate the mesh out past where it cannot reach with the probe but it's hard to confirm because it doesn't display what it does on the visual representation.

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    The firmware extrapolates the average height and tilt of the bed outside the probed points.

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