Printer stopped suddenly, duet and x5 not responding

  • Hello, I've been recently working on a few upgrades for my printer and am having issues with my new Duet. I purchased the pair from filastruder back in mid November and everything has been working flawlessly. A few days ago, my printer had shut down during a print and the board failed to connect to wifi/usb connection. I contacted filastruder asking to arrange an exchange with the warranty and was kindly asked to confirm and approve the return.

    The obvious thing I would assume would be a short somewhere in the wiring. I have read multiple things about this happening to others and have my bed and hot end both protected with a fuse to prevent this. My fans are also connected to the x5 so I do not know how that would have hurt my main board. I am so very confused what's going on and would genuinely appreciate any and all assistance with this issue.

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    Please follow these steps't_respond and let us know how far you get.

    Are any components on the Duet getting hot?

  • @dc42 Thank you for your reply, I have read and re-read the article you linked to me, and read what feels like every article that seemed like it related to my issue, but to no avail..

    To answer your question; nothing on the board gets warm when touched. The board, under any sort of load, feels as though it were never even on. Cool as a cucumber.

    Here's what happens as I follow each step in said link you kindly shared with me.
    My set up:
    Duet 2 Wifi V1.04 & DUEX5 V0.9
    No paneldue, planned future upgrade.
    Boards running latest firmware at the time, which I believe to be V2.01.

    I had the board stripped completely with nothing but the ribbon cable connecting the two boards, and a micro USB to power them.

    When I connect the USB cable to the duet wifi the red 5V, green 3V, and red LED's next to the USB are all lit as expected. It is not a recognized device on any computer (Windows or Mac) no matter the USB port or cable used, 2.0/2.1/3.0 tested. All said components have been verified to work prior and after testing with the duet. An error message pops up and states that it is faulty and cannot be read.

    All is the same whether the DUEX5 is connected or it is simply the Duet by itself.

    I have finally reset/erased the board and alas nothing changed, same thing every time. No matter what I change, it just looks like a very beautiful, complicated paperweight.

    I hope I have provided enough details to paint a vivid picture of my situation. Please let me know if there anything else I may do to help you help me. I am getting more and more desperate each day, my printer is the sole of my small business and I'm falling behind everyday it's not running. Thank you so so so so much!!

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    It sounds like you done the right things, so I'm happy to approve a warranty replacement for your Duet.

  • @dc42 Thank you so much, I appreciate it! 🙂 -Christopher

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