RRF Config Tool Template for Anet A8

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    Since there seem to be a lot of users converting their Anet A8 machines to Duet hardware and the question of a starting config comes up quite often I went through the config tool setting all the values as they are set in Marlin (except top speeds because the Marlin values are insanely high) and here is the resulting config.json:


    (which I had to rename to .txt since .json is not an allowed extension to upload).

    You can download this file, rename it do .json and use it in the Config Tool via "Use existing configuration".

    @chrishamm: If you want you can add this also to the config tool sources. Since I don't know Vue and did not know if there is anything else to change than Start.vue I did not go through the hassle of forking and creating a PR.

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    Great, thank you - I believe this will be useful for other users. I will add it to the config tool.

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    @chrishamm Thanks. 👍

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