Pinda V2 Probe wiring

  • Hi, i'm working on prusa i3 mk3 bear built from an anet a8, i'm going to use the mk3 bed and i wanted to use a pinda v2 probe but i don't how i can wire it, because of the thermistor, maybe the thermistor can be wire to the mod pin of the probe header ? Also since i haven't paneldue, i was thinking of using the 5V and GND of the paneldue connector to power it, don't think it'll be a problem, no ?

    So here's a recap of the wiring (mostly for myself 😃 ) :
    Thermistor -> Probe_Mod
    5V + GND -> Panel Due Connector
    Signal -> Probe in

    Should be okay or i need to change the thermistor wiring ?

    Have a nice day !

  • administrators

    For now I suggest you leave the thermistor wire not connected. RRF currently supports compensating the trigger height based on the bed temperature only.

  • Thanks, I'll do that, so no problems with my wiring ?
    Will it support this type of thermistor in the future ? BTW if it already compense with the bed temperature, it's a good thing 🙂

  • administrators

    Yes I plan to make the temperature channel used for trigger height compensation configurable.

  • Oh nice ! Really happy with the choice of this board !

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