U drive without homing?

  • I have the E3D beta tool changer CoreXY printer with Duet Wifi and Duex5. I want to add a small stepper to drive a rotating brush as a nozzle wiper for the incoming tool. I've configured a U drive for this little stepper and it shows up as U in the DWC interface. However, it is not "homed" and complained about no homeu.g. So i created a homeu.g with a movement command (G1 U10 F2000) just to test if the stepper would at least spin. I get a G28 U error - homing failed and the stepper did not move.

    I do not need to home this stepper as it is simply spinning a brush. How can I do this?

  • Unbelievable. I searched here for an answer and found nothing relevant. When I posted this topic I was asked to choose a category so I choose Tuning and tweaking. After the post I looked at the page and there, several posts down, was a thread about no homing a rotary A axis! The solution is run G92 U0

    Worked a charm.

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    @mhackney yes i guess its because you have no endstop associated with U so it does not know how to home it - but a G92 U0 acts as setting its position.

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