sequential printing, Sli3r

  • Good morning,

    I've been having problems since moving over to the Duet2 Wifi board, basically it doesn't honor sequential printing defined in the gcode files generated by Sli3r. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or a potential fix? These had previously worked fine on Occtoprint/Ramps 1.4 .

    Cheers, James

  • administrators

    Like any other firmware, RepRapFirmware will execute GCode moves in whatever order the slicing program generates them. So the problem is with how you have configured the slicer, not with the Duet.

  • Sorry I wasn't inferring its specifically caused by Duet2 but there is a reason behind it not working - turns out pointed me in the right direction, Print Settings/Output Options Complete individual objects had become unchecked.