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  • Hi,

    i am fine tuning printer....

    I have draw a hollow cilinder, with a wall of 1,2 mm.

    Print the hollow cilinder, and measure the wall, and measures 1,65 mm.

    A- This measure its correct, whith a nozzle of 0,4mm and line with in slicer (cura 4 beta) of 0, 4mm--> teorical measure 1,2 mm + (0,4/2) inner + (0,4/2) outer = 1,6 mm.

    B- Its not correct, slicer has to have in account the extruded width

    C- Half A and half B

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    What is the diameter of the cylinder? Small diameter inner perimeters invariably come out smaller than you asked for.

    You may get more accurate results if you select "External perimeters first" or "outside-in" in your slicer.

  • I have re do the test after tweak steps for mm. 4 hollow cilinders, concentric, that have wall 1,26 mm, this measures its for slicer print 3 perimeters

    i have do some versions:

                           Teorical                         Printed
                     External     Wall           External            Wall
     Ver A -         20 mm     1,26 mm          19,32 mm            1,70 mm 
     Ver B -         30 mm     1,26 mm          29,18 mm            1,56 mm
     Ver C -         40 mm     1,26 mm          38,96 mm            1,55 mm
     Ver D -         50 mm     1,26 mm          48,96 mm            1,68 mm

    Have to say, that after tweak steps/mm, results are pretty close of objective.... my principal dude, its about wall... there is much diference.... but, maybe its slicing behavoir, in all, printed wall + 2 (1/2 diameter nozzle) are really close of objective.... can be an error of measuring tool... and how bigger its the cilinder, bigger its the error.... maybe i have to tweak more stepsxmm...

    0_1550595692079_Cilinders test cut.jpg

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