LCD and PanelDue + 40 pin extension?

  • Would it be possible to make an extension to the 40 pin connection between the LCD and PanelDue or will increasing the signal path just not work?

    Thinking either a short 40 pin ribbon, or a bunch of dupont wires. Around 10cm seems to be the shortest readily available - worth trying?

    (Want to fit a Maestro + LCD in a Up Mini 2, the 5in integrated screen is too big, 4.3" LCD lacks a little clearance when the PanelDue is fitted. 4.3" LCD almost fits the existing mounting holes - good enough for goverment work at least)

    Update: solution $2 9.5cm IDE extension ->

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    I used a bunch of Dupont wires during prototyping, so it should work if they are not very long.

  • I've used 6 inch Dupont jumper wires to extend the signals with no ill effect.

  • Thanks for the input, can't wait to ditch the Tiertime hardware and software!

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    Don't forget that the Maestro also supports 12864 mono graphic displays such as the RepRapDiscount one.

  • I did consider the 12864, but I'm trying to make the swap as simple as possible to encourage other Tiertime customers to break free from the chains that is UP! Studio.. Between this and the PT100 daughter board the hardware transplant should be a breeze.

    With no physical modifications the 4.3" LCD fit the existing bezel with 2 out of 4 screws to secure the new LCD. Invert the screen and off we go. To make it perfect, move two screws 1mm and print a 2mm spacer to seal between the LCD and the front panel. And I'll have to draw up and print a mount for the PanelDue so I can close the panel. So far so good!


  • Update: got the short extension today close but no cigar.
    0_1552048378694_2019-03-08 13_02_16-Photo - Google Photos.png
    However I'm no stranger to cutting corners and using superglue, two snips with some side cutters and it fits.
    0_1552048415276_2019-03-08 13_02_01-Photo - Google Photos.png

    If you for other reasons need to do a revision of the v3 board, maybe add some clearance if it is possible?

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