Temperature error...

  • Hi,

    since yesterday, often, 1 of 3 times, i have temperature errors, with this message:

     Error: Heating fault on heater 1, temperature excursion exceeded 15.0°C

    and the printer pauses print job.

    I have do calibration of nozzle thermistor, and save the results after,3 or 4 times.... but the error persists. With these results

     Auto tune heater 1 completed in 215 sec
     Use M307 H1 to see the result, or M500 to save the result in config-override.g
     Auto tune phase 3, peak temperature was 255.2
     Auto tune phase 2, heater off
     Auto tune phase 1, heater on
     M98 P"0:/macros/01 Temperatura/Calibrar temp Extrusor 230"
     Auto tuning heater 1 using target temperature 230.0°C and PWM 1.00 - do not leave printer unattended

    Since all was ok, and now, with error, i have changed the conector of termopar, only this.

    What can be?

  • administrators

    There is a page on spurious heater faults in the Troubleshooting section of the wiki.

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