Auto tune cancelled - timeout and underpowered

  • So I know the heater is under powered, question is it better to let ut autotune at a lower temperature, or allow a longer timeout?
    (This is the stock PCB heater in a Up! Mini 2. About 14 ohm and 140x140mm, running it at 24V instead stock 19V helps a lot, but its still quite weak)

    It can reach some 60-70C in 20 minutes depending on ambient. Ideally it should go to 90 but it takes longer than 20 minutes.

    Would having the timeout as a parameter to M303 be a thing to consider?

  • The PID parameters are still valid for a fairly wide range, so if you can get a successful tune at a lower temp I'd start there.

    Do you have any insulation on the bottom? That can make a huge difference.

  • No insulation on the bottom, only room to insulate part of the bed anyway. Very small enclosed build volume 120x120x120 and tight for space in some areas like under the bed.

  • Even a thin sheet of cork works wonders.

  • I did actually try a two thin sheet of woven fiberglass, which was about all i could fit, and taped it down with some kapton and teflon tape (tried both to see which held up better).

    Need to run the test again because it seemed to reduce the max temperature?!

    Does PCB heaters have PTC characteristics? I would swear it was about 14 ohm at 20c and 18.5 ohm at 75C before I tried the insulation.


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