Board quit working

  • I just bought a duet wifi about 2 months ago, this being my second board on a voron 2 my first is on a tronxy x5s. Just the other night my board on voron quit working, first it was a bad temp reading so I swapped to the second extruder and changed code to read that for primary extruder. That was a week ago. Just a few days ago I tried turning on my part cooling fan. They wouldn't come on.. and then two nights ago in the middle of a print my tool head cooling fan just shut off and wont come back on. I would like to ask for trouble shooting help but I've been an electrical technician since 1983 component level. Everything had been working as I commissioned this printer and have over 30 prints on it...

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    Do the fans work if you plug them into the always on fan outputs?

    If no fans work when plugged into those connectors, check the 1A blade fuse.

    If some fans work in those connectors but others don't, then the non-working fans are faulty, or have bad crimp connections.

    If the fans work in the always-on connectors but not in some of the controlled fan connectors, then the fan control MOSFETs on the Duet may be blown. What sort of fans are they?

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