M564 -> PER axis

  • Would be great if M564-disable-axis-limits & M564-allow-nonhomedaxis-movement could be set for each individual axis, e.g. only for x&y and not for z on a cartesian printer to reduce the risk of a "head-crash" while allowing to reposition x- & y-0 for example

    Feedback appreciated if I understood it wrong that it sets S_ & H_ for all axis... 🙂

  • @lb You can enable "non-homed" movement for any individual axis by using the S2 parameter. e.g. G1 Xnnn S2 will allow movement of nnn of the X axis or G1 Xnnn Ynnn S2 will allow both an X and Y move.

  • @deckingman
    Thanks for the fast reply!
    I try to describe the "(mis-)use-case":

    • after booting (no axis homed) the onscreen (duetdisplay/webconsole) jog-menue for the axis is blocked, would just have put in M564 H0 S0 X:Y in my config.g so it would be possible to jog x&y but not z(head/plate) already after powering up without having to home...

    O.K. yeah maybe that is a very very niche thing and also it would only save me some seconds for setting up the printer after reboots to try out things where x&y do not need to be homed because I want to debug some macros that involve only z-movements... currently it just drives me nuts to always home the huge x&y-axis with 700mm if debugging some z-axis behaviour in the middle of the buildplate after each reboot... 🙂

    Will just use the console then with G0/G1 with S2... 🙂 Thanks!

  • @lb Yes I think I understand. The S2 parameter only works for moves via the console and not the jog buttons. So ideally, you'd like M564 H0 with optional X, Y or Z parameters. Maybe DC42 will introduce that but I'd imagine it would be a low priority issue.

  • @deckingman
    Yeah, thanks, I knew it would be a niche-request 🙂
    Also it is time to get familiar with the console and with G0/G1 behaviour 🙂 because so far I scripted for everything a macro and now there are too many of them, so no real probs just need to finish last mechanical flaws on the buildup to have some space in my head to remember all the G- & M-commands 🙂

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