Autosave for z-calibrate-offset-val

  • Hi,
    another very niche use-case:

    My client for whom I build a printer with duet2 wants to level on individual objects to print onto them. I already posted this and was introduced to "baby-stepping"(axis-shift/-offset) and G92... will try more withit and already have set up some nice macros for it

    Request (mis-)use-case:

    wouldn´t it be nice if there would be a variable within a z-calibrate macro where you could automatically "redirect" the value feedbacked by "G30 S-1" at the end of the calibration ("") to be written as updated offset-val for the levelling-probe into config-override.g?

    For me no probs to do it manually, but for only "users" that do not want to dig so deep into the machine this could simplify things as the original setup-value in the config.g would be left untouched and only an updated val would be written into the config-override.g...

    Feedback very appreciated 🙂

  • G30 S-3 ; Probe the bed and set the Z probe trigger height to the height it stopped at (supported in RRF 2.03 and later)

    I think this might have you covered?

  • @phaedrux said in Autosave for z-calibrate-offset-val:

    G30 S-3

    YUHUU: a reason for 2.03!

    updated to 2.03beta2 and after that just changed "G30 S-1" to "G30 S-3" in my calibration-macro (save&closed) started it and I crashed the head because the threshold-val of the ir-sensor was calibrated for the original aluminium , but I still had that white sheet of paper I used for the calibration lying there (and it has some pretty diffrent values depending on the print-plate-material/print-plate-surface...white/metallic and matte/shiny...)

    Retried it with calibrating with the sheet of paper the desired height between nozzle and paper but this time removed the paper from the table before confirming "O.K." to have the sensor read the value on the material that is the real printing-surface-material when saving...

    and now:
    z-lift & following G30 S-3

    IT WORKS like a charm and updates the config-override.g with the adjusted offset-val! (Learned: will have to make the aluminiumplate a bit more matte for more consistent values)

    COOL! Thanks! Made my day! (Edit: sorry had to rearrange the phrases to make sense 🙂 it is too late for me today)

    How can this be flagged as solved?

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