Water cooling on the Smart Effector.

  • I've finally completed transitioning my second printer to a water cooled hotend setup. I admit that's a bit of an overkill, but I really appreciated the performance of this beauty (https://youprintin3d.de/hotendszubehoer/e3d/wasserkuehlung/792/water-cooled-heatsink.html) on my other machine. Luckily for me, the guy behind it has published .step files, so it wasn't hard to modify it for the Smart Effector even with my level of Fusion 360 skills.

    Here's what I got (the water cooled one already has the RC cooling jacket on, didn't thing about taking a picture before I put that on):


    I got the thread size a bit wrong (I think the original heatsink has moved to 1mm pitch instead of 1.5mm in beta), but other than that it's a drop-in replacement. So there was no need to change my print cooling setup or the config. Oh and the CNC company couldn't do the lip E3D now does for the push-fit connector, so I had to push in an E3D brass fitting instead.

    So far I'm pretty happy with the results - the hotend fan was by far the loudest thing on my delta, my retractions are down and I can reliably use soluble filaments in my switching extruder setup. On the minus side water cooling is definitely another hassle, but I haven't had any leaks with my other machine with a similar arrangement for more than a year.

    I'll gladly share the source files if anyone's interested. I did use openly shared models to create this anyway.


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