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  • Hello everyone !

    First, please excuse me for the quality of my English, I use Google Translator, for lack of fluency in English.

    I'm planning to post in the right place and not polish this place!

    I have just acquired the Duet3D Wifi and unfortunately the receipt of my card, I can never connect it to my Wifi network ...

    After 2 days of trouble to understand and follow the installation procedures I realized (thanks to this forum) that the Wifi module was dead.

    My contribution to this forum is not there to deplore a bad product, but rather to highlight the teams of Duet 3D who took my word on technical analysis. I made a request for faulty equipment last night which was taken into account this morning.

    Result, at 12 pm an email told me that the service had decided to send me a new express card and at 13h I received a message from DHL to confirm that they had taken charge of the package that would be delivered Wednesday of this week !

    FYI, I live in Corsica (Mediterranean island) and all this without wanting to analyze my card to confirm my words, I just have to return the defective card by regular mail (plane for me) ... So, a great respect for them and thank you for their trust.

    However, I will have questions all the same.
    I have an automatic router, which chooses 5 or 2.4 GHz depending on the hardware that connects to it.
    So it is better that I force my router to stay in 2.4 GHz or I leave it automatically (the router chosen alone) and the Duet3D will connect itself in 2.4 GHz? Another question, the SSID can be any kind of letters and numbers and the wifi network password can be in the form of WEP / WPA / WAP2 Mixed?

    Thank you for your feedback, I think I would have many questions as soon as I would have run my Duet!

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    The Duet Wifi only supports 2.4Ghz, so as long as your router is creating a 2.4Ghz network, it can connect.

    The SSID can be any valid SSID for your router. Make sure that you use the exact same name when trying to add the network to the Duet.

    The duet supports WPA2.

    You may also want to take a look at this

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