Averaging readings while grid probing

  • Hi,

    Setting the tolerence (SXX) in the M558 command to a negative value currently forces the average to be used (and give a warning--not an error.)

    However, this does not seem to be respected when doing mesh grid probing. (works fine for G28 homing etc.) When mesh grid probing after setting "M558 ... S-0.2", it stops and reports an error.

    Can this functionality be respected by the grid probing (i.e., setting tolerance in the M558 to a negative value and NOT have an error stop the mesh grid process)?

    Looking at the source, it looks like the two situations are handled differently.

    I seem to get really good results from by BLtouch using z-probe averaging (on a Marlin machine) so I'd like to do this with my duet3d wifi.

    Thanks in advance for considering.....

  • administrators

    Which firmware version are you running? The current firmware (2.02, or 2.03beta) should already behave the way you want.