PanelDue-setup: (maybe already there?) "Refresh macroname(s)"

  • Hi,
    maybe I am doing something wrong, but sometimes when I rename macros within DWC I would like to have a button to refresh/fetch the latest names (I guess if I change what is in the macro, it will be the latest because also PanelDue calls the same file from the same sd-card as does DWC...) without having to restart the whole system. Or can this be done somehow diffrent, maybe by a push-notification from mainboard to PanelDue if changed via DWC? Or is it already there and I just do not know how to use the stuff?

  • administrators

    I presume you mean the macro names on the Control page. I think you will find that you can refresh them manually by pressing the Macros button.

  • @dc42
    Thanks for answering so fast!
    Yes - right, checked that everything that is within "Macro" is refreshed then, so this request would only boild down to the "top-level" macros that are displayed within the general/overview-screen? (Or can they also be refreshed?) (Got the workaround with your answer, will put those macros e.g. also in a subfolder)

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