Test Motors Macro on Ender 3 Pro

  • So i have everything connected now, Endstop switches work, motors move, needed a direction change, retested and everything is moving in the correct direction.
    How smooth and quiet - at this point.

    Selected 'Initial Test' - no errors
    Next was 'TestMotors'
    Was very impressed with the speed everything moved but the firmware does not take into account that my endstops are on the low end or my bed size parameters.
    All motors were trying to go further than they physically could. Emergency Stop!
    Changed my XYZ size to 200 and re ran the test and again it was trying to physically go further than i had set it.
    Lots of belt grating and a little swearing!

    I understand what it is supposed to do but is it supposed to go beyond its configured bed size?
    Also how do i slow it down a little? Is that Max speed or acceleration.

    I attach my current config.g for peoples comments, if i have got something wrong.

    Thanks in advance


  • @paulhew sounds like you need to modify the TestMotors macro.

  • If you're referring to the test files on the SD card supplied with the duet, those are not for user testing but initial testing at Duet3D on their test rig. You'll have to create your own file for your printer to use it similarly without incident.

  • Thank you for the input......
    There was no warning, hopefully no harm done.
    Just need to align the X axis again. I am laughing.

    I will delete the Test Motors macro and try and print on it later.

    Thanks again.

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