"heater timing" or "heater phasing" feature request

  • I have a number of heaters on my larger 3D printer and I would like a way to manage their power consumption so 1) so they're not exceeding the power supply circuit in any given instant and 2) make the power consumption steadier

    I have a bed heater and an enclosure heater that are have similar power demands. If they're both on at the same time, they would exceed the load rating for the supply circuit. Once the machine is at temperature, each heater is on 50% or less of the time.

    I also would like to define which heater gets priority. In my case, the bed should get priority over the enclosure heater, so when the bed is warming up, maybe the enclosure heater isn't running much but that's not a big deal, the enclosure will be at temperature by the time the ambient heat matters, when the print is building further away from the bed.

    Similarly, I have four heaters on my extruder, they're much lower power and less likely to be a problem, but it would still be nice to have a similar "phasing" so no two of these heaters are on at the same instant. Also with these, the duty cycle is pretty low once the extruder has been preheated.

    Is this something that can be accommodated within the firmware?


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