SDCard contents just wiped during Delta Auto Config

  • Literially just died mid move. I had Firmware 2.02 (and whatever Web version etc for it as per Release Page) and I did my usual process:

    • Auto Calibrate Delta and (while it was doing that)
    • Upload GCode file (it was 16MB)

    I do this all the time, and many times on this build. However it did about 2/3 of the Delta config then just stopped. Fans died. Panel Screen read crazy values, web interface wouldnt respond.
    SDCard in Windows comes up as RAW, no filesystem.
    YAT worked over USB, so got another SD card and after some dicking around got the firmware reloaded.

    Super pissed however, my last config fileback was over a year ago, Ive made tons of printer changes since and they are all lost. I can't even think right now which missing config do I fix first.

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    I'm sorry to hear that you list your SD card contents.

    You can back up the contents of the system folder to a downloaded zip file in DWC.

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