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    EDIT: I found this thread on,810214
    putting this breadcrumb here for the next person...

    I am trying to load and configure the LPC1768 port of RRF.

    I can not seem to find any info or discussion anywhere else. Is there a rudimentary road map somewhere?

    EDIT: go through the RRF online configuration, copy the files to the SD card, make the folder structure, install, reset and go.

    I edit the board.text file, put it and the firmware.bin file on the SD card and it seems to have flashed to the ReARM.

    When I connect a console to it (Octoprint), it appears to have loaded but there are constant errors for temp and the like b/c the therms are not defined.

    How does one get to these definitions and the like?
    I do not see a file structure on the card as I expected.

    Thanks in advance


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    I'm sorry, I have nothing to do with the LPC1768/9 port other than providing some advice to @sdavi, the person who did that port and maintains it, and in including some of his changes in the main RRF source code to make it easier for him to keep that port up to date. He is most welcome to post here, but here seems to prefer to post at the forum you linked to instead.

    I think he has done a remarkable job squeezing RRF into a processor with only 64kb of RAM.


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