RepRap Firmware Configuration Tool Change

  • Hello, I'm hoping that I'm posting in the right section. I was looking to make a suggested update to the RepRap Firmware configuration tool.

    Specifically the probe section,
    Say I choose Duet Smart Effector, and enter all the visible options. What I'm noticing is that only allows you to input values for the X and Y Offsets, Probe Speed, Trigger Height, Trigger Value and Recovery Time

    Using defaults it builds a command like this
    M558 P5 R0.4 H5 F1200 T6000

    Which is all good, the parameters are all tweakable by what you input into the tool, except that last T parameter. It appears to use the Maximum Movement Speed entered on the Motors Tab.

    I know in my case it was diving down towards the bed at 120 mm/sec initially and quite freaked me out, at least it didn't crash into the bed.

    My suggestion is to add a field to the tool, in that section which would default to the Maximum Movement Speed but allow it to be changed and of course affect that parameter in config.g as well as output that setting as it would the others in the .json file when either the .json or zip are exported.

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    The travel speed (M558 T) can be set using the "Travel Speed" input on the Endstops page. It is located in the homing preferences and not in the Z-probe panel so I am wondering if it made sense to change this arrangement.

    I think the maximum speed only limits the value of the travel speed.

  • That did not seem to affect it when I did it. I intentionally changed the homing speed in that section and while it did affect the homdelta.g file it did not change the T parameter in M558

    Though it seems to be doing it now, odd.

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