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  • @dc42 Can I persuade you to set the project references in C/C++ General/Paths and Symbols so that the configurations match across projects? The default active config in CoreNG v3-dev now seems to be SAM3X8E while the other projects all seem to be SAM4Esomething. This caused me quite a bit of headscratching before I realized what the issue was.

    This way if you build RRF Duet2_RTOS for instance, it will automatically build CoreNG SAM4E8E even if the current "active" config for CoreNG is something else. Same for the other projects of course.


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    I am already using project references, that's why when you build RepRapFirmware it builds CoreNG, RRFLibraries and FreeRTOS too. But when you build a particular configuration of RepRapFirmware, it wants to update all configurations of those other projects. I've enabled the Export Settings page and it looks correct to me.

    I've just found that you can enable per-configuration references too, so I'll try using those instead.

    EDIT: that didn't help. I specified which configuration of each other project was required, but it still builds all configurations.

  • @dc42 Are you sure it built all of them? For me it builds the active one (which I didn't even notice) plus the one that's linked.

    For instance, I went through the CoreNG, RRFLibraries and FreeRTOS projects and made SAM3X* the active config but linked all the SAM4E* configs. When I build RepRapFirmware, it builds the SAM3X* configs plus the SAM4E* configs but that's it. Since those libs are tiny, there's no real downside to building the extra SAM3X* configs and RRF links to the correct SAM4E* versions. Well, "correct" for me since I build Duet2_RTOS.

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