SOLVED gcode command to skip current process without canceling?

  • I accidentally sent a command to extrude a large amount of material at a very slow feedrate. In short, this command will take quite some time to execute. I would power down and reboot except that I am paused in the midst of a long print, changing filament. Is there a command one can send that basically says "stop the command you are executing right now, but don't cancel the print or reboot. Apologies if this is a noob question.

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    There isn't such a command yet, but it is on the firmware wish list.

    When you paused the printer, it should have created a resuurect.g file in /sys. You can check this in the System Files page in DWC. If you have set up your printer to be able to resume printing after a power failure (in particular, you have set up and tested the resurrect-prologue.g file), then you could use the Emergency Stop button to stop the movement, then resurrect it.

  • Many thanks @dc42. I will practice using the file resurrection and also look forward to seeing this feature emerge in the future.

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