BL-Touch and the Duex 5

  • Hello at all,

    if I am connect my BL-Touch direct to the Duett WiFi 1.04 like you see at "Connecting a Z probe" he's working very fine on the Expansion "8) Heater 3". And when I connect the Duex to the Duet and the BL-Touch to PWM1 it seems to work too, I can check the settings with the Macros for the BL-Touch - he's working without changing the settings. But if I start the Homing for the Z-Axis the BL-Touch didn't work, no Pin down and I have to stop homing. Can anyone help me please?

  • administrators

    Did you remember to remove the i1 parameter from all the M280 commands (e.g. in deployprobe.g and retractprobe.g) when you moved the BLTouch from Heater 3 on the expansion connector to PWM1 on the DueX?

  • Oh yeah, thats it! Thank you very much, it works 🙂 👍


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