crashed duetwifi while installing Webcontrol

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    i just crashed my Webcontrol while installing it.. now the duet connetcs per Wifi and i can see it but when iam connecting it it shows me a blank sheet. So i think the Webcontrol is crashed. is ther any option to install the Webcontrol via FTP ? and how can i make it ?

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    Assuming that you are running main firmware 1.19 or later, I suggest you move the SD card to a PC and check whether the Duet Web Control files in the /www folder of the SD card are intact.

  • if you can connect to http and get a 404 error you're missing Duet Web Control (DWC) files that should have been in the /www folder on your sd card.

    But you can activate ftp and upload either the classic DWC or the 2.0 version to /www on your sd card.

    This should give you a reference for what the SD card should have looked like: Card Contents

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