New RepRapFirmware 1.18b3 and Duet Web Control 1.15

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    I'm happy to finally release DWC 1.15 along with my fork of dc42's RepRapFirmware 1.18b3.

    Duet Web Control - as usual - can be obtained here:
    Here the changelog of this version:

    • Use different sizes for dots in 3D grid depending on the total number of points
    • Allow DWC to be run on localhost (experimental, requires new CORS code in the firmware)
    • Implemented global JS error handler
    • Added Portugese translations (thanks phcella)
    • New setting: Main content can be configured to be scrollable on md+ screens
    • Enhanced automatic compensation button by new drop-down menu
    • Added new panel for Z Baby Stepping on Print Status page
    • Implemented multiple concurrent firmware updates via M997 S-parameter
    • Don't scroll to content if info pane is hidden (only on small devices)
    • All 3 fans can be controlled independently
    • Added new settings to allow users to specify which fan sliders may be shown
    • Increased speed slider maximum from 200% to 300%
    • Macro directories are highlighted in light blue on the control page
    • Extrude/Retract now working with tools that are assigned to multiple extruder drives
    • Show backdrop to make UI unresponsive for a few seconds after an emergency stop is initiated
    • Allow browsers to auto-complete inputs in G-code text boxes
      Note: There is a bug in Chromium/Chrome that causes only one suggestion to be saved per page load
    • Added confirmation dialog asking for a firmware reset if the firmware's state remains halted after a reconnect
    • G-code, macro and system filenames can be changed via drag&drop
    • Introduced variable colormap for 3D visualization and replaced default one with terrain color map (blue > green > red)
    • Changed my name to a link on the Settings page which points to my main Github repository
    • Changed license from GPLv2 to GPLv3
    • Bug fix: "Can't rename file" messages are no longer shown when the firmware switches to Flashing state
    • Bug fix: Single quotations in file names messed up CSS selector on G-Code Files page
    • Bug fix: Removed some JS calls that are not supported by IE/Edge
    • Bug fix: On some occasions the macros were not reloaded after an emergency stop was performed
    • Bug fix: If the first SD card volume wasn't mounted and DWC tried to connect, an error was raised
    • Bug fix: Adding tools on the settings page didn't work if no heaters or drives were selected

    Regarding my new firmware version, most of my latest improvements were contributed by dc42 - huge thanks for that!
    For a list of all the latest changes please refer to his GitHub directory here:

    So far the remaining differences between my firmware fork and his one are:

    • Different buffering of incoming G-codes
    • Extra parameter for T-codes to specify which tool change macros shall be run by the web interface
    • Usage of a G-code queue to run certain codes like M106 (fan control) just-in-time
    • Only one SD card is reported to the web interface for first-gen Duets (0.6/0.8.5)
    • Experimental CORS code for first-gen Duets to be able to run DWC only on a PC
    • Built with a Makefile and custom Arduino board files based on dc42's CoreNG

    Prebuilt firmware binaries of my firmware fork are available here:

    If you encounter problems with my firmware or Duet Web Control, please post them here. For issues concerning DWC, you can create new issues on my GitHub page too:

  • This may be a stupid question, but is there any way to get my chrome account to auto log in to the web interface?
    Or at least have chrome recognize the web interface password prompt for auto-fill?
    Thank you for this, and all your efforts, I will try it as soon as I'm done printing.

  • I got the 1.15 web control installed, and it seems to hold a more stable connection now, because I was having problems with that before.

    I tried the reset from emergency stop function. I hit emergency stop, a screen prompted me if I would ike to reboot, I said yes, and it disconnected from the web interface, then it asked me again if I would like to reboot. I am still running 1.17e firmware, that might have something to do with it, but I figured I'd note it.

    Thanks everyone for all the hard work!

  • chris! hi! fantastic to see that you're keeping up-to-date and doing Makefiles. very relieved. i'm investigating the feasibility of using an off-the-shelf ATSam3Xe (arduino due) with the TRAMS Reference Design. 2160 steppers (if i recall correctly.. edit: i didn't… they're TMC5130's) but.... they're soldered to the board just like they should be (so that heat can properly dissipate!). in theory i should be able to start from radds, just have to see how it goes. anyway just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the sane thing and providing a Makefile. now there's no need to install 350+ megabytes of crap just to compile a 100k executable... 🙂

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