Firmware 2.03 - Duet Maestro V1 - M540 Issue

  • So after ordering and receiving a Duet Maestro V1 from Filastruder during their Duet Discount flash sale a few weeks back, I ran into a strange issue setting up the board yesterday. I generated a configuration from the RepRapFirmware Configuration webpage and put it on the SD card. Turned on the machine, it connected once for less than a minute and then wouldn't connect again.

    Went back and forth changing small items in config.g and ended up with some strange behaviour that may be a minor bug in the settings.

    On my (4) existing Duet 0.8.5 boards, each one had to use M540 to set unique mac addresses despite them having different static IP addresses. If I left M540 out of their config.g, as long as only (1) Duet 0.8.5 was online they would work fine, but the moment I turned on a second Duet 0.8.5 neither would communicate. So based on that experience, I assumed I would have to have the M540 on the Duet Maestro board with it's own unique identifier as well. This is where the bug begins.

    I noticed the Duet Maestro board would power-up and the display on the Ender-5 worked, had menus, etc... so I could tell the board was functional. However, it would not load the DWC page nor would it respond to a ping from a network device. I could connect to it with the USB cable and user Pronterface to interface with the Duet Maestro. I went down various paths, using M552 to set IP addresses even to the point of setting it to for DHCP. Using Pronterface over USB, M552 S1 P0.0.0.0 would indeed get an IP address from my network DHCP server, but still wouldn't respond to ping or connect to the DWC either. Everything within Pronterface over USB said the Ethernet card was enabled, working, had IP address, but nothing outside could connect to the Duet Maestro over Ethernet.

    Re-reading the GCode section for M540, I noticed the comment about the default MAC address on a Duet 2 Ethernet is generated from the unique processor ID so there is normally no need to change it. That had me wondering about the Duet Maestro, so I removed my M540 from the config.g and rebooted the Duet Maestro.

    Bang, everything worked like expected. It responded to ping on the network, it loaded the DWC page no problems.

    It appears there may be a bug or issue with the latest firmware on the Duet Maestro not communicating properly if the config.g has something defined in M540. Without M540, it works no problem. With M540, the board thinks its working but nothing can connect to it from the outside. Had it not been for my experiences with the Duet 0.8.5 boards I probably would have left the M540 command out of my Duet Maestro config.g file, but it appears there may be a minor issue with it on the Duet Maestro.

    I have not checked to see if the Duet Maestro has any issues online when the (4) Duet 0.8.5 boards are online too. It was rather late when I discovered the issue with M540 on the Duet Maestro. I'll continue the test with all (5) Duet boards on the same network later tonight.

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    What M540 command did you use?

  • I tried a few different variations with no luck. These are some of what I tried, primarily because it was very similar to what I used with the Duet 0.8.5 systems:

    M540 P0xED:0xE5:0xED:0xE5:0xED:0xE5
    M540 PED:E5:ED:E5:ED:E5
    M540 PEDE5EDE5EDE5

    On the Duet 0.8.5 I use the following on one of the machines:
    M540 P0xBE:0xEF:0xFE:0xAD:0xDE:0xAD

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    I have added this to my list to investigate. Meanwhile I suggest you use the default MAC addresses.

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    It's working for me:

    Network is disabled, configured IP address:, actual IP address:
    MAC: be:76:30:39:51:38
    m552 s1
    Network running, IP address =
    m552 s0
    Network stopped
    m540 p0xbe:0xef:0xde:0xad:0xfe:0xed
    MAC: be:ef:de:ad:fe:ed
    m552 s1
    Network running, IP address =

  • From Pronterface all that looked like it worked when I did it earlier as you see in your screenshot, but nothing from the outside could connect to the Duet Maestro when I had the M540 in my config.

    It looks like the default MAC works and doesn't conflict with the existing Duet 0.8.6 boards, so I don't have any particular reason to need the M540 anymore. I'm assuming the default MAC addresses on all Duet 2 devices will be unique now unlike the older Duet 0.8.6 boards?

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    @pdbeal, it's highly likely that every Duet Maestro or Ethernet on a LAN will have a different MAC address. It's not guaranteed, because the unique ID is 128 bits long whereas MAC addresses are only 48 bits.

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