How does the Laser Filament Data Processing work?

  • Hi

    I have been using the laser filament sensor for a while now, and must say, I am quite happy. Even without changing values due to filament properties...
    Especially as it reacts as a "run out" and different extrusion situations.

    As I understand the sensor sends the data and the DUET does the math, right?
    I would really like to learn how the DUET2 evaluates and calculates the signals from the sensor.

    So, what is the math behind it?
    Is there a time constant for vallues, so the reaction is a bit delayed?
    Is there any way to compensate for high fluctuating valuees during print?

    From my perpective the most crucial function ist to detect a fliament run out.
    Under or over extrusion are secondary.

    Is there a way to have the filament run-out solved by FW regardless of the values, or do we really need to integrate a switch?

    Looking forward for your inputs.


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