Laser Filament Monitor Calibration

  • I am trying to setup and calibrate my Laser Filament Monitor but the calibration data seems far to inaccurate.

    After multiple prints in black and blue PLA I usually get like min -152% avg 234% max 1351%.

    The most reasonable data I have seen was min 20% avg 120% max 220%

    What should I test or change to check this issue?

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    Which firmware version are you using? If you have the newer version of the laser filament monitor, you must use firmware 2.03.

  • Before I received your reply I realized that the location that I mounted the Filament Monitor meant that as the print head moved it pulled filament through the monitor or added slack to the filament after the monitor. I have now attached the Filament Monitor to the print head and updated to firmware 2.03. I am now getting numbers like min 187% avg 228% max 238% which seem much more reasonable but still very high.

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    Those figures do sound high, as if you have a version 2 filament monitor but the firmware thinks it is version 1. Run M115 to check that you really are running firmware 2.03.

  • That was the issue. I updated to 2.03 and my new numbers are around min 45% avg 83% max 123%. The sensor is now working very well. Thank you.

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