Problem: Updating Duet Wifi 1 with FW 1.17e and no SD Card

  • Hi Form members!

    I got a used Duet Wifi form a friend and wanted to use it to upgrade my printer. Bad news is: it runs the old firmware version 1.17e AND i got it with no SD card...
    As I am new to Duet3D I did some research, formated a new 8gb microSD to fat32, copyed the SD card content from GitHub into the cards directory and so on (as described on de duet webpage).

    But sadly, after trying for literaly more than six hours, I cant manage to update the firmeware, enable wifi connectivety or even make the Duet recognize the config file sored on the sd card. On the picture you can see my current status. No matter what commands I type (or even when i scroll) it only outputs: Error: G-Code buffer length overflow. (I'm using macOs 10.11 and the standard terminal)0_1562246115232_Screenshot_01.png

    I realy need your help as experts because shurely I am none! My scills go only as far as CADing, renderin an a little bit of gcode but understanding terminal commands further than copy-pasting it is far out of my reach.

    I'd appreciate your help, cheers Nylz

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    As your firmware is rather old, I suggest you use this procedure

    The message you are getting suggests that RRF didn't find file /sys/config.g. Are you sure that it is present on the SD card?

  • Thanks a lot for your suggestion! The config.g was on the SD but turns out it was a broken card. I repaced it and followed the tutorial in the wiki you send me. Now the Duet is running the newest updates and works perfect! 😄

    I'm looking forward to see my first print results! Thanks again for the support!

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