IMPORTANT: Option to abort when Probing fails!

  • From time to time I get the message "Error: Z probe already triggered before probing move started".
    But after this, the print will proceed. If this happens without me noticing it, my printer will be damaged substantially!

    Please finally give us the option to abort the print when this happens.


  • administrators

    This will be possible when I finish implementing conditional GCode in RRF3. But you should find out why you are getting the already-triggered message and fix it.

  • Sounds great! Is there any ETA?

    I know why it happens but this is hard to fix. The X axis becomes crooked sometimes but since collision detection does not work with my stepper drivers, there is no way to level it automatically.

  • Could you add mechanical limit switches and wire up to a estop macro while you wait?

  • Well, I will manually monitor it for the time I wait for the update.

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