M579 affect probing and bed height?

  • Running a Duet Ethernet 1.2 on a Custom Delta

    Firmware 2.04RC1
    DWC 1.22.6

    I was previously using 2.02 Stable Firmware and DWC 1.22.6
    Without an M579 in my config.g

    Now what I'm experiencing is that I will lower my nozzle, issue G30 and then G32 as I usually do.

    But when I go to print, the nozzle is too high, I have to baby step it down 0.05 mm for the right first layer.

    Wondering if there's something different between the 2 firmware that could cause that or would the M579 affect that in a way?

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    Did you read the release notes for the versions between 2.02 and 2.04RC1?

    There were some changes for deltas, there were some changes for Z probing.

    Are you actually using M579? You don't really say.

    What do your homing, bed.g and config.g look like?

    Are you getting any console errors about Z datum?

  • I am using M579 to scale X and Y only 1%

    I'm not near the printer now but I can say my bed.g is exactly as generated by the reprapfirmware configurator

    I'm not getting any datum errors

    I did read the upgrade notes, in the versions between I saw the issue where autocalibration incorrectly adjusts the homed height. The reason I skipped that cause it was to be fixed in 2.04RC1.

    There was stuff regarding G29. but I'm not using that.

    The only change to my config.g is the addition of M579 X1.01 Y1.01 and the update to the firmware.

    I will test all 4 states:

    2.04RC1 with M579 = too high
    2.04RC1 no M579 = tbd
    2.02 Stable with M579 = tbd
    2.02 Stable no M579 = perfect

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    Thanks for the clarification. I don't have an answer but perhaps someone else will.

  • There's something wrong with 2.04RC1

    I spent the last our and a half trying to connect to DWC.

    I had IP connectivity to DWC. It's like DWC would load but the firmware wouldn't respond to requests to connect.

    In the end I had to pull the SD card, put firmware 2.02 on it, connect my laptop via USB and then downgrade to 2.02

    And it's back to normal
    Going to test M579

  • It looks like M579 works well in 2.02, I'd say something changed between then and 2.04RC1

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