Erase button procedure troubles

  • I pressed the erase button on my duet board and I am trying to fix the problem with these steps that i was shown. I am have troubles on the step marked with (***). it says there is no such file or directory. was wondering if it is a certain firmware i have to download. every step up to that point has gone great.

    • Download and install SAM-BA version 2.16 here
    • Connect the Duet WiFi to your PC via USB. Press the Erase button on the Duet WiFi, then the Reset button.
    • Load SAM-BA. It usually detects the correct COM port automatically. Select board at91sam4e8-ek. Press Connect.

    ***- In the Send File Name box enter or browse to the DuetWiFiFirmware.bin file to be loaded, then press Send File (leave the Address at the default of 0x400000). On completion it will invite you to lock the region; press Yes.

    • If desired, press Compare sent file with memory.

    • Press the Execute button next to the Boot from Flash option in the Scripts box. Then exit SAM-BA.

    • Press Reset on the board.

    • You should now be able to connect via USB/Pronterface.

  • administrators

    I suggest you download firmware version 1.18beta3. Follow this link then click on the Download button.

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