Duet WiFi firmware bundle 1.15 released

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    I have released DuetWiFiFirmware 1.15 and DuetWebServer 1.02 at https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/tree/dev/Release/Duet-WiFi. For your convenience, I have also places a copy of Chrishamm's newly-released DuetWebServer 1.12 there.

    If you are already running the 1.15 release candidate, you can just install the new files. If you are running 1.15-beta3 or earlier, proceed as follows:

    • Install DuetWiFiFirmware-1.15.bin first (because the new DuetWebServer file needs it). You can do this by uploading it on the Settings page of DWC.
    • If you have M301 commands in your config.g file, use the config.g editor in DWC to double the I parameters and halve the D parameters in those commands.
    • Until you have the new DWC 1.12 installed, you need to install the other two files manually. So rename DuetWebServer-1.02.bin to DuetWebServer.bin, and rename DuetWebControl-1.12.bin to DuetWebControl.bin. Upload them on the Settings page of DWC. Then send M997 S1 to install DuetWebServer. If you have a PanelDue or Pronterface connected, you will be able to see the update progress. If not, then allow up to 2 minutes before you can connect in DuetWebControl again.
    • Then send M997 S2 to install the new DuetWebControl. This time it may be as much as 6 minutes before you can connect again.

    Future updates can be installed simply by uploading new DuetWiFiServer and DuetWebCobntrol files through the settings page of the new DWC, just as for the main firmware. I'd like to express my thanks to chrishamm for implementing this, along with the other new features in DWC 1.12.

    To use the new auto tuning feature, see https://duet3d.com/wiki/Tuning_the_heater_temperature_control. This feature is still somewhat experimental and will be refined in future releases.

    Here is the full change list in this release:

    DuetWiFiFirmware 1.15

    Implemented experimental PID automatic heating model calibration and PID tuning. See https://duet3d.com/wiki/Tuning_the_heat … re_control for details and instructions.
    Implemented much better heater safety monitoring, based on a model (first-order-plus-time-delay) of each heater/sensor system, using default models if none have been configured
    Implemented TMC2660 driver enable signal to support production Duet WiFi boards
    Implemented M38 (thanks Chrishamm)
    Added support for the external SD card connector on the Duet WiFi and implemented M21/M22 to support this
    Added support for new Duet Web Control functions, in particular the sys file editor (thanks chrishamm)
    Increased the PWM resolution
    On starting WiFi, display additional info from the wifi module if available, in particular the received signal strength indication
    Included the status of the SD card-detect signal in the M122 response
    Made the WiFi firmware version available to DuetWebControl
    Bug fix: PID parameters entered using M301 had the I parameter doubled and the D parameter halved, and vice versa for PID parameters reported by M301
    Bug fix: the object height was sometimes incorrectly extracted from gcode files
    Bug fix: slicer comments that included certain characters (e.g. '') would give ajax errors when the file information was returned
    Restructured the source code tree
    Refactored the TMC2660 driver code, in preparation for future work on standstill current reduction and dynamic microstepping

    DuetWiFiServer version 1.02

    Report the received signal strength indication in the status message
    Allow any file type to be served compressed, not just .js and .css files

    DuetWebControl 1.12 (by Christian Hammacher, github repo at https://github.com/chrishamm/DuetWebControl))

    Merge of dc42's latest DWC changes
    Updated Bootstrap and JQuery to latest versions
    Refactored entire JavaScript logic
    Modified and extended build script to generate SPIFFS and ZIP packages
    Redesigned settings page, introduced new values for Duet WiFi and improved data binding
    Changed several settings from milliseconds to seconds
    Allow creation of custom macro files
    Implemented /sys file editor
    Allow download of /gcodes and /sys files
    Improved AJAX handling, added support for two new HTTP requests and implemented parsing of new rr_connect fields
    Auto bed compensation button now visible on small devices and added quick connect button to error notification for small devices
    Firmware temperature limit is applied to temperature chart
    M117 messages can be automatically discarded
    Implemented file info caching to speed up G-code file list
    Improved firmware update dialogs and added new ones for Duet WiFi
    Added Hungarian translations (thanks nhadrian) and extended German ones for new version
    Added some more icons and new "tuning" heater status (see M303)
    Fixed several minor bug

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    I have just released version 1.15b, which fixes a problem ("temperature creep)" when legacy PID parameters were used. If you are currently using 1.15, please upgrade.

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