UNSOLVED Required config.g changes for panel due 5i?

  • I've read through the documentation regarding the wiring/connector changes to connect a panel due to the duet3, but was curious about configuration requirements. Now that the I/O has been generalized (I had been using the recommended io_0 as the x end stop, which I'll move), are there any commands required in config.g in order to enable the screen? I figured I would ask before blindly connecting it and booting it up as I didn't see anything specific in the documentation.

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    No special firmware configuration is needed at present, because the current firmware assigns IO_0 to PanelDue. This will probably change in future, for example we may extend the M575 P1 command to specify which port to use.

  • Awesome, it worked as expected! I appreciate the confirmation, it's too close to ERRF to be plugging things in without asking.

  • I take it back, the screen turns on and appears to be displaying properly, but closer inspection shows that the 'tools' disappeared (no bed/heater present). Further, the 'homing' buttons on the panel due seemed to be ineffective (no reaction from the machine). I'll look into an HDMI touchscreen that fits the bill instead.

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    What firmware version is your paneldue on? May need updating?

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    PanelDue is very fussy about heater numbers. It expects the bed heater to be heater 0, tool 0 to use heater 1, and so on.

  • Those are the settings that I am using. If I leave the panel unplugged, everything works as expected in DWC. If I connect the screen, there are no longer any tools available in DWC.

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    That sounds odd. Please ensure you are using the latest DSF and RRF, and if the problem still occurs, post your config.g file.

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