Run file on connection status change

  • I would like to run a file when connection status changes. This would give us:

    -More fail-resistant machines: If control is lost, stop
    -Notice to control program about connection problems and possibly lost commands (by reacting to message sent out when connection comes back)
    -Notice to control program on machine reset (by reacting to connection established message). This is a big safety issue on CNC machines.

  • @JuKu said in Run file on connection status change:

    I would like to run a file when connection status changes.

    I would like to run a macro when Wifi Status changes too.

    • Somewhat different motives; I dont see any movement control needs.
    • It would be handy since my PrintEye cannot see Wifi status (I ran out of memory and patience to implement a separate request->response handler for the Wifi Status.
    • But a macro + M118 + PrintEyes custom Json handling would make it easy to set up.
    • Ideally such a macro would need to have Wifi parameters (status, and ssid, hostname, ip, gateway when valid)
    • I'm sure others would find it useful, change light colours on disconnect, etc. The board's LED is clear enough but not always accessible.

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    When I find time to finish implementing conditional GCode, I may extend the trigger facility to allow any specified change in the object model to run a macro. I would rather do that than implement something specific to WiFi state changes.

  • @dc42 Yes; something like that would be a nice enhancement for lots of odd, and not so odd, use cases.

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