Read SD card file trough USB

  • (lots of wishes and comments from me today: I'm adapting existing software for Duet 3...)

    Duet 3 does not store parameters on its memory, but uses the SD card instead. This is much better system, but makes it difficult to change the behavior on SD card in a system controlled from USB only. I can handle this by writing all settings that the user might change (such as speed, acceleration and machine size) at startup, not use homing files etc., but this negates much of the versatility of the system.

    For me, I would like to be able to read the files from the machine, even though it might be connected via USB only on an existing setup. This allows changing some details (for example, homing speed) in a SD card file, and still allow more advanced users to benefit from the versatility.

    (Even better would be macro parameters, but let's keep one subject per thread.)

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