DWC on RPi

  • I have a raspberry pi running docker with a home assistant (smart home) container
    The HA app allows a connection from their server to control my smart home, and they secured it with a letsencrypt encryption and all the goodies.

    I wonder if there's a way to install the Duet Web Control over my raspberry pi so it would control the Duet3D 2 Wifi board I have.
    Any ideas?

  • Are you asking for the DWC GUI? That's just opening the printer IP:80 in a browser on the pi.

    Are you asking for home automation monitoring and/or control of the printer? DWC can act as an example, but it is WAY more complex than you need and very much designed to be a GUI. Instead, just interface with the printer via HTTP. This is fairly straightforward.

    Documentation on how to do this is here, scroll down to "communication to the firmware".


  • administrators

    A couple of suggestions:

    1. Set up port forwarding from your RPi to the Duet 2 and use that (via port 80)
    2. Run Chromium or any other browser on the Pi directly and connect via VNC to your Pi to control the Duet

    If you want to host DWC directly on the Pi, that will be a bit more complicated (unless you upgrade to a Duet 3). I figure it would be still possible either by running 'npm run serve' on the Pi (which will take a while) or by installing an HTTP server like nginx or Apache on it, but then you would still have to set up forwarding to the Duet 2.

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