DWC 2.0.2, mesh compensation (M557) problem (bug?)

  • I just noticed that with DWC2.0.2 (and perhaps earlier versions, but I never looked), it allows setting up the mesh compensation parameters (M557.) Dashboard->"Compensation and Calibration"->"Define Area For Mesh Compensation (M557)"

    However, the little popup appears to only allow configuring for rectangular bed... with options for X/Y start/end coordinates and x/y spacing.

    Being that DWC recognizes that I have a delta (I see options for "Delta Calibration" and no options for "home X", "home Y", etc,) it seems that the M557 popup presented is buggy and should instead be simply "Radius" and "Spacing" (M557 R<radius> S<spacing>)

    If DWC passes all those X/Y parameters on top of a radius, it will limit the mesh area to be the intersection between the X/Y defined grid and the radius defined grid. (It will also likely confuse users.)

    Please either remove the M557 option on delta printers, or prompt for appropriate parameters.

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