Manual power cycle

  • Good day lads.

    I want to find out about manual power outages, for example, I know the power outage is coming so I want to pause the print, home the X and Y, save how far along in the print it has gotten and switch off the power. Then obviously resume again when the power is back on again.

    Is this possible without the power outage precaution already in the firmware, but running on only 12V systems? I am not going to convert to 24V on any of the printers anytime soon so would really love it if there was a manual way of doing it.

    We have all the different boards from Duet running here, if that would be of some import.

    Any advice?

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    The guide here covers power loss and planned power-down:
    It shouldn't be a problem using 12V power for planned power-downs; you're effectively just pausing the print. As it says in the guide:

    Any time you pause a print from SD card, the state of the print is saved to a special file on the SD card, sys/resurrect.g

    So you could set up a macro that pauses the print (and so saves resurrect.g), then parks X and Y, and allows hot end and bed to cool (if you want to turn the bed off; may detach print). Then manually turn off power (assuming your Z axis doesn't drop). Then:

    After the power is restored, you can use command M916 to resume the print from where it stopped. This command runs file sys/resurrect.g which calls sys/resurrect-prologue.g at an appropriate point to home the printer

    You'll need to set up the resurrect-prologue.g file, which should wait for all temperatures to come up then home X and Y, and Z if it homes at max or if you're running a delta printer, as explained in:


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