Duet Web Control Showing Old HTML?

  • Hi everyone,

    For some reason, my web control interface is showing me content like what you see below, and isn't working correctly. I can send print jobs from Cura to my IP, so I know that's working, but the web control doesn't function properly. My card has the www folder in it, and it has worked from time to time, but intermittently shows me this non-function, old-school HTML page.

    Anyone know how I can fix it?



  • Looks like the CSS didn't load. Either missing file or bad connection.

    If using chrome, on Windows(?), hit F12 and look at the network tab while refreshing the page, might give some insight to why it's only loading partially

  • open it in incognito mode.

  • If this is intermittent then it means your wifi is intermittent, it is loading the raw web page (as you say, rather old school) and then failing to load additional parts of the page such as style sheets and scripting.
    In this case working on wifi signal is the first step, and the page to start at is:

    This could also be due to ad/spam blockers in a browser, but it would be permanent if so 😉

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