Printer occasionally stops printing

  • Very infrequently, I see my printer lock up while it is printing. If it is going to happen, it will always happens immediately at the start of the print, perhaps after ~10 gcode commands. I cannot 'pause' the print through dwc, but I can press the Emergency Stop, which will give me control of the steppers again. If I simply try to start the print again, it will inevitably lock up at the same point. A full power-cycle is required for the system to print again. The same gcode will then run fine.

    I don't mean to drop an issue without a repro path, but I figured it was worth mentioning that it has happened more than a handful of times up to now. System/software versions are in my signature.

  • It seems to happen more frequently after a print has been paused/cancelled.

  • administrators

    Please try 3.0beta11, along with the corresponding update to DSF unless you are running in standalone mode. Take note of the known issue with some types of Z probe that is described on the release page for 3.0beta11.

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