DUET 3 + RRF3 : Bed is a tool by default ?

  • Hi,
    my config: Duet 3 6HC with RRF3 + exp 3HC

    I've seen the Bed Temperature and heater are present on the Tool Panel, even if I don't define the Bed on my config.g
    Is the BED a default Tool ? if yes is it heater H0 and temp sensor T0 by default too ?

    the problem was when I try to define Tool 0 with an extruder E0, there was a conflict with the BED temp sensor it was the same on Extruder and on Bed ...

    do you know this issue ?

  • Duet 3 running RepRap 3:


    Bed is not a tool... however, it is, by default, Heater 0; furthermore, Tool 0 is Heater 1, and so forth. Same thing for temperature sensors. This is why you are seeing a "collision".

    By the way, this has been true in Duet/RepRap for quite some time... it is just the 'flattened' naming in RR3 that makes it much more obvious.

    Note for the pedantic: Technically, in RR3, you can undefine heater 0 or temp 0 or ..., and define it to be whatever you wish. The above statement "bed is heater 0" refers to RR3 prior to executing any configuration commands.

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    The bed is not a tool. The default bed heater is heater 0 and can be changed using the M140 command, same as in previous versions of RRF.

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