New Duet3 unofficial beta firmware

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    I've put new firmware binaries for Duet 3 main boards (both version 0.5 and 0.6) and expansion boards at These are not official releases because I haven't tested the corresponding builds for Duet 2 boards.

    Changes in this build:

    • Fixed issue with Z probe types 8 and 9 reading 250 when triggered instead of 1000
    • Added hardware averaging to thermistor/PT1000 readings on expansion boards
    • Changed returned board type name for compatibility with ATE
    • Added firmwareVersion field to M408 S3 response for ATE
    • Fixed M308 S# reply when there were no other parameters
    • Fixed issue with updating Duet 3 expansion boards from local SD card when USB was connected to a PC but no terminal program was running

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