Duet Web Control HTTP-Request Documentation

  • Hello all together,

    I remember a github page from chris hammacher which explained the connection between Web Control and RepRap Firmware. For example, he wrote how to connect via HTTP-Request (rr_status?type=001), which timeouts need to be taken account to and more. Unfortunately I can't find it anymore. Was it deleted?

    I am about to create a LabVIEW based user interface.

    Thanks in advance,

  • https://github.com/chrishamm/DuetWebControl/blob/legacy/README.md

    Seems the former master branch was moved to legacy.

  • Perfect, THANKS!!

  • administrators

    There have been some updates to those commands since that was published. In particular:

    • rr_upload takes an optional "crc" parameter, which is the CRC-32 of the file in hex format
    • rr_filelist takes an optional "first" parameter, which is the number of the first file required. It also returns a value "next" which is the file number of the first file not returned, or 0 if info for the last file has been returned. So you can make multiple rr_filelist calls, with "first" set to 0 for the first call and subsequently set to the returned "next" value, until "next is 0.

    If no requests are received for a period of 8 seconds, thew session will be terminated automatically and a new rr_connect request is needed to start a new one.

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