Display current speed setting (G1)

  • Hello together,

    I would like to know, if there is a possibility to read the currently set speed (as set via G1 Fnnn). While the machine is working the current and top speed is displayed correctly.

    The goal is to change the speed by using an incremental value.

    The max speed is readable at the machine properties page.

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    That's the "Requested Speed" field in DWC2. The top speed is the maximum achieved speed of the current move. If you want to get the F value of G0/G1, just multiply that value by 60.

  • Hi,

    So you want some external program or device to be able to read the current speed and send back a new, different speed????


  • @chrishamm Thanks for your answer. The requested speed is only displayed while a print or move is running. I need to know the last value which was defined bei G1 Fnnn.

  • @fcwilt Yes, that's it. I connect to the firmware via http-request.

    Let's say we have the following case: Someone processes a movement with a specific feed rate, for example F1000. Afterwards he/she wants to increase the value by 500, but doesn't know the last F-value which was specified in the first run. To increase the value by 500 I need to know the last specified F-parameter to add the increment.

    THANK you very much!

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    In that case I think the only way would be to create a Duet 3 plugin (which obviously won't work with a Duet 2) or to stream the whole file line-by-line over Telnet and to keep track of the current F parameter.

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    We could add "current F parameter" to the object model. Then, when the OM is fully implemented in RRF3, Duet 2 users will be able to retrieve it using M408 P1.

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