Straightforward way to setup a servo motor for extruder

  • I've reviewed some of the servo motor posts in the form and am wondering if someone can give advice on the most straightforward way to setup a "52 RPM Premium Planetary Gear Motor w/Encoder" for the extruder on a 3D printer with the Duet 2 Wifi board. I'm looking for the most robust and quick way to implement this and cost is not a concern.

    This is the motor I would like to interface with. Thanks

  • @code7 you will need to get a Servo driver that accepts step/direction inputs, then you can connect it to the duet through the large expansion connector.
    Configuration will be just like a normal stepper.

  • @too It sounds like you might be talking about a stepper motor vs. a servo motor? Is there a controller that you would recommend that has worked well for you?

  • @code7 nope, I'm definitely talking about servos 🙂
    We use a bit heavier industrial equipment, so we use these bad boys here:

    As for other drivers, just search for "servo driver" at your trusted electronics supplier, and you will find boxes similar to this:

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