small request for stylesheet

  • Loving DWC2.

    Just a tiny request.

    Please can we have the ORANGE and the BLUE colours as used in the original DWC? They were quite simply much nicer to live with (the orange is paler and the blue darker and less bright).

    Guess all this would take is a copy paste into the stylesheet?

    There are also plenty of subtleties present in the first DWC that have been lost in the second. The use of light and shade, the rounding of selected boxes and buttons: perhaps the original design person could spend a day on DWC2 so that the aesthetics do justice to the superior functionality?

  • You can copy the contents of the WWW directory on your SD card, copy that entire thing to a spot on your computer. Then open your browser to that spot. Then go to town editing style sheets, etc.

    Once you have what you want, submit it as a pull request (ask here, and we will help you do this).

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